Starting Computer Vision: Building OpenCV 3 and Python 3.6 on macOS

I recently acquired a book from PyImageSearch and started reading it. The bundle comes with an Ubuntu image that includes all essential computer vision libraries pre-installed. I would say the virtual machine was cool but "developer experience"-wise, it is not enough. The layer between the "real machine" and the "virtual machine" does not improve software development. Currently, I am still at the "beginner" chapter but I wanted to share how I built OpenCV 3 and Python 3.6 on my preferred environment (macOS).

Note: Most of the instructions will be taken from macOS: Install OpenCV 3 and Python 3.5.

Submitting a Package to PyPI

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How does IP address to country lookup works?

UPDATE: (May 20, 2017) IPToCC has been submitted to PyPi. You can also find it on Github.

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